Sunday, May 11, 2008

Customer comments

I have only received good comments, some quite heart-rending, and mostly from physiotherapists. A few are:

“awesome! – gives my fingers a break” (Physio)
“fabulous” (Physio)
“amazing” (Physio)
“Jirra, dit was darem lekker!” (Tannie after a shoulder and back massage)
“hell, this is great” (Physio)
“I have already had my girlfriend use it on me with fantastic effect!!” (male nurse)
“Well, it fixed my back” (long term sceptic)
“net wat ek wil he vir my rug” (US atleet)
“Great feedback from clients -Best wishes” ..(Osteopath)
“Please could you let me have the additional exercises as we are so enjoying this B2N and it has improved my husbands tension remarkanley. thanks so much” (Private )

“O-o-h this is l-o-o-v-ely!” (Maternity nursing sister )
“My mom had benifitted greatly from using your B2N and now an aunt of mine would like one sent to her as well please.” (Discovery Health )

“Just to let you know how impressed I am with the BTN muscle massager. It works so well and is so easy to use. I am very impressed with your 'invention'” (school secretary )

“I have had a uniformly positive response to the massagers – it’s very funny watching people’s expressions when they first get a back massage – the face literally melts into relaxation and a floppy grin appears. One of the recipients was a medical doctor and he has been ecstatic” (Company secretary)

“……says she finds your back massager is working well. She is a very dedicated physio with such a good reputation.” (e-mail from nursing sister on physio )

"they are really really working. They are so nice for farmer on his tractor - even gave one to the labourers harvesting" (beauty & health care therapist)

“I tested it on two friends, they LOVED IT! Thanks again for the b2n’s” (Massage Therapist )

“Its already working, and it’s the first time. I can feel it in my neck” (rugby player being treated by physio)

“Some find it a bit prickly on the skin – others just LOVE them!” (Pilates Instructress)

“Is it possible that this could be working already? I’ve tried it once on this sore leg of mine and it seems to be much easier” (farmer)

“You know, I have this bad back and all I do now on these roads is put a massager behind my back so it massages while we bounce along – but it really inspires me. It sort of energises me and makes me feel so good” (artist-baker-naturist on his bad road journeys)

“Oh, yes, this is lovely. I can see why people enjoy them so much” ( Physio)

“This is so fascinating, so powerful” (Physio)

“The customers just LOVE them” (Physio secy)

“It is extremely empowering” (Physio)

“Three times a day I’m on my back, on the floor, on my B2N, watching TV” (60 year old Jewellery student)

“Ek is baie beindruk. Toe jy klaar my rug maseer het wou ek sommer bly lĂȘ” (Physio)

“Jinne, man, this thing WRAGTAG WORKS. I had it in the middle of my back yesterday and now I feel I can play golf again! Every morning I wake up with a sore back but today I feel just fine” (Golf course green keeper)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

B2N Discovery Health


The Back to NormalTM (B2N) massager, one doctor advised, should really be called a muscle stress or tension reliever. It is simply two balls a finger apart on a special synthetic rod through them, forming a symmetrical massager with respect to its use on the spine. At 160g, 32 cm long and 66mm wide it easily fits into a briefcase or sports bag.
It is amazing that such a simple object produces such a consistent stream of expressions of pleasure and soothing with its use on the back, neck, stomach, thighs, hamstrings, calves and the balls of the feet. The B2N is ideal for pre-sport muscle relaxation followed by a post-sport rub-down to assist detoxification. It has been extensively medically tested since 1999 by recognized institutions and specialists for any deleterious effects.
Although it is a DIY massage tool, or may be administered by a friend, it is only a supplement to the physiotherapist / biokineticist / chiropractor / massage therapist / osteopath’s exclusive range of treatment, touch and experience.
Three types of B2N are currently available – “Old Faithful” - a red one made from slightly used tennis balls (physios say the pressure is spot on), a harder yellow one made from new tennis balls for those who prefer that harder feel and a slightly softer, smaller one from two–tone rubber balls. Although all three perform the same function, the two-tone one is more specifically suited to the hollow of the neck and cranium where it can get to a seat of headaches. Believe it or not, the B2N easily supports heavyweight rugby prop forwards.
The B2N is packaged with a brochure containing basic usage notes, though alternative uses continue to surprise – one uses it on the stomach to assist compromised peristalsis, another behind his back on his tractor and yet another on her horses! One thing is certain – if you have need of muscle massaging or spinal mobilization, you are in need of consistent exercise to strengthen your muscles, especially those around the spine. Should you need more detailed exercise notes than those supplied on the B2N leaflet, please let me know. Of immediate interest is a physio’s suggestion that the B2N should be used for cellulite treatment. Consult then enter cellulite in the space bar. Your opinion?
The B2N appears to operate in two main ways. It relaxes and lengthens, tensed up, spasmed, “knotted” muscle fibre, essentially making the fibres run parallel to one another. Because of its symmetrical action, it also helps to re-align and mobilise the spinal facet joints, thereby helping to ease osteophytes (bony outgrowths) which may impede nerves. This in turn leads to action on referred-pain symptoms such as sciatica. In addition it helps to increase the blood supply to areas where there are muscle injuries such as tears and bruises, thus speeding up the healing process considerably. Its immediate effect is amazingly relaxing, with healing resulting from continued use and exercise.
In my case, the B2N cleared up in five weeks what had put me out of sport for two years, despite attention from chiropractors and physiotherapists: sciatica, sore hip and sacroiliac and an audible click in my back with each step. I lay down on my back on the B2N, placed in the position where the “click” was. With legs vertical and shins horizontal, the knees were rotated until the clicking diminished over five weeks. Since then, coupled with a set of exercises, my back, legs and hips have remained free of discomfort and sport is back to normal. I believe its symmetrical shape has helped to restore both the natural symmetry of the back muscles and to realign the spinal facet joints, thus eliminating the referred pain from the spinal nerves.

Ed Blignaut 083 399 3081

Sunday, March 9, 2008

B2N selections

Brochure p2

Brochure p1


I had a back injury in 1997 which was no more than a jarring on a tennis court but it left me with four “aches”: sciatica in left leg, sore left hip and sacroiliac to the extent that I could not stand on that leg and a backbone which clicked with each step. In two years out of sport chiropractors or physios could not repair me permanently.
My orthopod (now deceased) made me rest in prostrate fashion for the end-of-year school holiday before going ahead with a hip operation. X-rays revealed cartilage thinning and possible osteophytes on spinal facets.
During that period I read up about backs and came across an article in which a man fixed his sore hip by rolling on a tennis ball. I obtained partial relief from this, including the spine clicking, but they returned. I was able to hear the clicks by lying on my back on the floor, raising the legs vertically with the shins horizontal and then rotating both legs. The clicks rebounded off the walls of the room and transferred through the floor into my head.
I was most impressed with the symmetery of the back and so made a symmetrical massager out of two tennis balls and a dowel (this has been banned, now an imported plastic rod). With the massager in position under and across my spine on the right spot on the floor I was able to rotate the legs until the clicking stopped. It took 45 rotations to start with, but gradually decreased in number. A friend at the Sports Science Institute, Prof “Kit” Vaughan, head of Biomechanical Engineering, was very impressed with the results and suggested selling it. After demonstrating to Tim Noaks (head of SSI), it went to Groote Schuur hospital for testing at the Orthopaedic unit (Prof Johan Walters) and to Dr John Gardiner (neorosurgeon). Due clearance was obtained and testing proceeded at the SSI. Within five weeks I had cleared up the clicking and could rotate my legs freely without the B2N. All the aches disappeared and I was back on the sports fields.
I could only sell the B2N in 2004 when I retired as a teacher. As a part-time job I have travelled the country showing the B2N at physio AGM’s (Pretoria, Durban and PMB) and to chiropractors, biokineticists, massage therapists etc. Over 1100 have been sold with quite a number of re-orders and Wynberg Pharmacy stocks them (5 re-orders since 2005). Provincial Pharmacy (Roger Gilson) has just started stocking them after a trip to visit the PE physios in June. In Joburg two groups of physios were very interested in them to treat headaches and fibromyalgia. As a result of their suggestions I now produce one with smaller balls for the base of the skull area and a harder one for the few who want them like this.
I have been amazed that such a simple object has produced such a consistent stream of expressions of pleasure and tension release with its use on the neck, back, stomach (constipation too!), thighs, hamstrings, calves (quicker repair of muscle injuries) and balls of the feet. It has been featured in Men’s Health (2004) and Discovery Health (2005) magazines and the name has now been registered as a trade mark. My “agents” are
the various physios who buy them from me at R60 and sell them at about R80 provided they take three or more (two cost R70 each and one R80). Those taking 10 get a free poster showing the various applications. For 20 they get one free as well as a poster. Naturally the “hands only” physios are not keen, though some are impressed that the B2N is no substitute for a physios fingers, merely an aid which takes the pressure off them.
I have extracted a set of daily 3-minute (Pilates) exercises without which I gradually revert to my old back which sounded like a gear-box gone wrong